January 11, 2023

Valentine’s Day Date Night – Top 6 Romantic Restaurants in SWFL

The holidays may have come to an end, but the season of love is upon us! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start planning a romantic date night out. 

Here, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite and most romantic spots to have your Valentine’s Day dinner – or if that’s not your thing, gather your girl or guy friends and have a nice evening out!

Citrola’s – Fort Myers

Citrola’s - Fort Myers

Nothing says romance quite like a big plate of spaghetti. If you’ve followed us for a while, you know that we are diehard fans of Citrola’s Restaurant. They have 2 locations in Fort Myers, and the one we’ve visited is the one of College Parkway. 

Citrola’s brings homemade Italian dishes to life using fresh ingredients and a smile. The staff is always incredibly pleasant, and they go above and beyond to make sure you’re having a good time. 

If you sit inside, you’ll notice right away how cozy and romantic it is. The outside patio also brings elements of romance, especially with a cool breeze underneath their Edison lights. 

Here’s what we’ve ordered on past date nights:

  • Bruschetta – seriously, don’t leave without ordering this!
  • Penne alla Vodka with blackened chicken 
  • Chicken parmesan

Masala Mantra –  Cape Coral

Masala Mantra is an Indian restaurant in Cape Coral. Located on Del Prado (just across the street from our favorite coffee shop, Urban Buzz), Masala Mantra is the place to go for those who love bold flavors. 

In addition to offering amazing Indian cuisine, the interior of Masala Mantra is very date-night friendly. Soft Indian music plays in the background while you enjoy the flavors of India. Our favorite dishes are butter chicken, curry chicken, and of course, naan!

Jungle Bird Tiki Bar – Cape Coral

Jungle Bird quickly made a name for themselves when they created a place that transports you to an island paradise. Their tiki mugs are as unique as their dishes, and they often have live music on their patio. A few of our favorite dishes are:

  • Hoisin Glazed Sticky Ribs
  • Crab Wonton Dip
  • Hawaiian Sliders

Stop at Jungle Bird for a pre-dinner appetizer and cocktail, or order a few items to share – either way, you’re going to have a romantic time at Jungle Bird.

Blu Sushi – Fort Myers

Blu Sushi - Fort Myers

Blu Sushi has 2 locations in Fort Myers – one on McGregor Blvd and one in Downtown Fort Myers. Both offer a cozy, dim-lit atmosphere that will bring on the romance! When you step into either location, you’ll be met with blue lighting along with lofi music set at the perfect volume – enough to still hold a conversation and also enjoy the ambiance. 

Blu Sushi is the perfect spot for the sushi lover in your life. If you’re not feeling up for a date night out, head to Blu Sushi during the day for their endless sushi special. They offer everything from standard sushi rolls to incredible specialty rolls (our favorite is the Lava Drop!).

Sandra’s Restaurant – Punta Gorda

Sandra’s Restaurant - Punta Gorda

Sandra’s Restaurant is an adorable German restaurant near Downtown Punta Gorda. The vibes are cozy meets Oktoberfest, and the food is absolutely spectacular. We ordered the Schnitzel and the Mixed European Plate, which comes with one schnitzel (breaded boneless pork cutlet), a cup of goulash, one grilled German bratwurst, and a choice of side. 

Not only was the food delicious, the staff was incredibly attentive and it was close enough to the rest of Downtown Punta Gorda to hop around for a drink or simply take in the sights.

Celebration Park – Naples

Celebration Park - Naples

So, technically, Celebration Park isn’t a restaurant. But if you’re a couple who enjoys trying new food and being outdoors during this amazing time of year, then Celebration Park might be the date night spot for you! 

Nestled in South Naples along a waterfront, Celebration Park offers an array of food options with food trucks settled throughout. There’s also a biergarten loaded with local craft brews, perfect for the beer connoisseur. Eat some appetizers, have some beer, and take a stroll – sounds like a perfect date night to us!


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