April 13, 2021

McGregor Pizza & Deli: Your Corner NY Style Pizzeria & Hero Shop

Fort Myers has a lot of great pizza options, and McGregor Pizza & Deli is no exception. Back in 2014, I used to live off McGregor and I would always drive past this little red building. Each time, I would say to myself that I needed to try it. Then, my mom and I went to see a show at the Broadway Palm and finally decided to check it out.

They have this amazing lunch special where you can get 2 slices of pizza and a can of soda for $5.95. What?!

Disclaimer: I realize these photos are not the best! But it’s really hard to take good photos of a meatball sub!

Photo of meatball parm sub from McGregor Pizza & Deli in Fort Myers

Little did I know, that first slice was going to be the first of many trips back to McGregor Pizza & Deli.

A Well-Rounded Pizza & Deli

Sean and I just had a discussion about this last week. There are pizzerias we frequent where they might do a good type of pizza or a better hot sandwich. But then Sean made the comment that at McGregor, you’re just going to get something great no matter what it is.

The indoor space is very inviting. There are a few tables and they offer beer/wine to go, desserts, and sodas. It’s decorated very nicely and they have shirts that say “legalize marinara” that make me smile every time. (One day I will own one of those shirts.)

You can tell when you sit down to eat that everyone who goes to McGregor goes there pretty often. The owner has been there on several occasions, and she is always very friendly. The same can be said for all of their staff.

Due to Covid, they shut down indoor dining, but they’ve since opened a patio area. We haven’t been to the patio dining spot yet, but we hope to go sometime soon!

What We’ve Ordered at McGregor Pizza

Like I said above, McGregor Pizza is a well-rounded pizza and deli. We’ve been there more times than I can count, and here are our favorite items:

  • Meatball & green pepper pizza – this was something we ordered by accident, but I am so glad we did! I prefer meatball/beef over sausage, and their meatballs with green pepper is just awesome.

  • Meatball parm sub (pictured above) – this is probably the item we order the most. It’s toasted just perfectly and the sauce to meatball to cheese ratio is excellent.

  • Pepperoni poppers – it might seem a little odd to pair bread with more bread, but these pepperoni poppers are my absolute favorite. We’ve had their regular garlic knots, too, and those are great. But the pepperoni poppers are where it’s at.

  • Any pizza, really – we’ve ordered so many different kinds of pizzas and we have not had a bad pie.

Photo of pepperoni poppers from McGregor Pizza & Deli in Fort Myers

Ordering McGregor Pizza

When ordering from McGregor Pizza, you can call and they are always quick to answer. Ordering to-go will usually give you around a 15-20 minute wait, depending on what day it is. Dining in has always been pretty quick also.

All in all, McGregor Pizza is another favorite pizza place of ours – with the best meatball parm subs around.

Website: https://www.mcgregorpizza.com/

Address: 4600 McGregor Blvd, Fort Myers, FL 33901

Phone: (239) 939-1148

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