April 20, 2021

Get a Taste of India at Masala Mantra in Cape Coral

We live in South Fort Myers, and we don’t get out to Cape Coral that often. Although, I think that’s about to change as we’ve discovered a whole plethora of new food options.

A friend told us about an Indian place called Masala Mantra. She said that if we liked India Palace in Fort Myers, we’d love this place. So, we decided one Friday night to hop over the bridge and give it a try. We were not disappointed.

Photo of butter chicken from Masala Mantra in Cape Coral

Masala Mantra was a welcome experience with amazing, made-from-scratch food, and I will gladly go back again (and again).

Masala Mantra’s Atmosphere

Before we get into the food, I wanted to take a separate section to talk about the welcoming atmosphere. The place was fairly busy when we got there, with everyone being able to sit 6 feet apart for social distancing.

The exterior is quite deceiving; the building unit they are in looks smaller from the outside, but when you step in, it’s quite large. The inside is dimly lit, perfect for a romantic date night out if that’s what you’re looking for!

The server we had was absolutely fantastic. She took our orders within minutes and kept apologizing for the wait (although to us, it didn’t feel like a long wait at all).

From a service standpoint, I’d rate Masala Mantra 10/10 stars.

Masala Mantra’s Food

We spoke with one of the restaurant’s owners, Bobby, and he confirmed that the food is made from scratch – and you can tell just how fresh the food is when you take the first bite.

Sean and I aren’t that adventurous when we find dishes we like, so on our first night at Masala Mantra, we ordered our go-to Indian favorites.

  • Garlic Naan – naan is one of my favorite appetizers/sides. Theirs is made fresh and it comes out heated to perfection when you order it. They have other flavors of naan that I hope to try someday, but we started with the garlic since it’s our go-to.

  • Butter Chicken – my favorite Indian dish so far is butter chicken. I’ve had butter chicken at a few places, but the Masala Mantra butter chicken was BY FAR my favorite. It had a bit of sweetness in the flavor, which I wasn’t expecting, but it tasted great.

  • Curry Chicken – this is what Sean usually orders. The spices mixed into the chicken were perfect and it’s probably some of the best curry I’ve tasted.

We also had the chance to meet one of the owners, Bobby, who was coming around to every table. He shared a bit of Masala Mantra’s story with us, which I so appreciated. We didn’t get the chance to meet his business partner, but we learned that Masala Mantra is a woman-owned and veteran-owned business.

We also got a brief history lesson on some of our favorite dishes. Apparently, butter chicken was first created in the United Kingdom! That was news to me.

All in all, we’d rate Masala Mantra 10 out of 10 stars. If you like Indian food, you’ll love Masala Mantra. Definitely get out there when you have the chance.

Website: https://masalaamantra.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IndianBistroMasalaMantra/

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