January 29, 2022

Lake Park Diner: Serving Organic Food in Naples

Lake Park Diner is a new diner in the Lake Park neighborhood in Naples. They serve delicious organic food in an open-air, casual environment. 

Cuisine: Organic, American

Great for: lunch, brunch, day date, lunch with friends

Kristen here! Lake Park Diner is another restaurant that’s been on my radar for quite some time. It’s a popular spot for local foodies, and I couldn’t avoid their crazy milkshake pictures on Instagram! My company needed a place to host our holiday lunch and so we made our way down to Naples to check out this diner I’d seen so much about.

Lake Park Diner - Pimento Chicken Panini

Overall, Lake Park Diner is just a crazy cool place. I would recommend going there during the cooler months as there aren’t many indoor seating options. (But with weather like ours, who cares, right?!) 

The setup is more like a walkup counter. You order at the windows, grab a buzzer, and then have a seat. It’s nice, though, that servers still come around to refill drinks and check in on you.

One thing that stuck out to me about Lake Park Diner was just how well put together it was. It seems there was no detail left untouched, including in the bathrooms! It is very modern and hip, but it has a certain casual vibe to it. 

Lake Park Diner’s Menu Offerings

The menu is LARGE, so I suggest looking it over before you head there! Also, it looks like they are very particular about their ingredients. I pulled the following snippet from their website: 

“We don’t believe in the use of steroids, antibiotics, hormones, or GMOs in any of our food. We source the best, most sustainable and organic products when possible to meet the standard for our menu.” 

And surprisingly, the prices for their dishes are reasonable! I usually expect to pay a little more when buying or ordering organic food, and these prices felt no different than another place I’d go to. 

Full disclaimer: there are photos in this post that I did not try and they are pictures from my coworkers’ foods. But I figured the more photos we have in the post, the better off we will be!

What I Ordered at Lake Park Diner

  • Pimento Chicken Panini – being a sandwich-lover, I tried the pimento chicken panini. It’s a little out of my comfort zone, but I’m glad I ordered it. The ingredients were fresh and the sandwich came out piping hot. Delicious and I would get it again. Their sweet potato fries are among my favorites.

  • S’mores milkshake – if you follow Lake Park Diner on social media, you’ll know that their milkshakes are kind of famous. I was so full after lunch, but I was there, so I had to try one! The s’mores milkshake was deliciously indulgent and sweet. I would recommend sharing it with a friend, though, because it’s HUGE. They have other shakes that have donuts on them as well (yes, donuts).

Lake Park Diner - Smores Milkshake
Lake Park Diner - Burger & Fries

Overall, Lake Park Diner is a great spot for lunch or brunch. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a refreshing lunch (and perhaps a mouthwatering shake). 

Phone Number: (239) 228-6351

Address: 944 7th Ave N, Naples, FL 34102

Website: https://www.thelakeparkdiner.com/

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