May 16, 2021

Grab a NY Style Pie at The Fat Apple

Sean here! You’ve probably seen throughout our website that we like pizza – a lot. Kristen was never much into “real” pizza until we got together, but I was happy to show her my New York style ways. (And now I’ve created a monster.)

If you’ve been in the area long enough and you know good pizza, you probably remember a place called Birdie’s They also made calzones and subs. It was the closest I ever came to a New York style pie, so you can imagine how devastating it was when they closed.

Cheese pizza from the Fat Apple

But then, I learned that one of the previous Birdie’s owners was opening a new pizzeria called The Fat Apple. So, of course, I had to try it.

About The Fat Apple

The Fat Apple was created by one of the owners of Birdie’s and I definitely consider this place one of the few legit NY style pizza places in Southwest Florida. Good old thin crust, brick oven, need to fold in half for good stability type pizza. There is nothing like it.

Being from the Northeast, you can understand my love for good NY-style pizza. And you can tell that at The Fat Apple, the owner makes every pie with love. The cheese mixture is just right and the sauce and dough are perfect every time.

When you walk in, the vibe immediately transports you into an old school pizzeria from up north. It’s hard to pull off all the things I mentioned above, and I can attest to that since I used to run a pizzeria myself.

What to Order at The Fat Apple

  • Cheese pizza – if you can go into a place and just order a plain cheese pizza, you know it’s good. We get this every time.

  • Sausage pizza

  • Pepperoni Pizza – this one is a favorite among my family members, who are also all pizza snobs.

Sausage pizza from The Fat Apple

If you’re a pizza snob or foodie like us, I highly recommend taking the trip to North Fort Myers to The Fat Apple. You won’t be disappointed.

Phone Number: (239) 567-4743

Address: 6704 Bayshore Rd #101, North Fort Myers, FL 33917

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