April 1, 2022

Get the Brooklyn Experience at Bruno’s of Brooklyn in Downtown Fort Myers

Bruno’s of Brooklyn is a local favorite for Italian cuisine in Downtown Fort Myers. A cozy atmosphere paired with delectable Italian comfort food make for an amazing dining experience. 

Cuisine: Italian

Great for: date night, dinner with a friend

Bruno's of Brooklyn - Bread
Bruno's of Brooklyn - Caprese Salad

Bruno’s of Brooklyn is synonymous with Italian cuisine in Fort Myers. If you speak to any local about where to find great Italian food, there’s a great chance Bruno’s will be on the list – and for good reason.

Kristen here! I’ve lived in Fort Myers for most of my life, and when Bruno’s came to be, I’d had my eye on it for a while. I’d drive by the tiny restaurant leaving Downtown Fort Myers and always say “I really need to try this someday.” Well, I finally made it and I was not disappointed!

Celebrating a Special Occasion at Bruno’s

We knew we needed to go to Bruno’s for a special occasion. So, we decided to go to Bruno’s when we reached a milestone in our Instagram followers. It just made dinner all the more special. 

First of all, I highly recommend making reservations. They didn’t have an online reservation system that I could tell, but we called and it was no problem. We made the reservation on Thursday for dinner on Friday. I don’t think you need to do it too far in advance, but I would definitely recommend a reservation (especially for a Friday night). 

Bruno’s of Brooklyn’s Atmosphere

Bruno’s of Brooklyn put me right back in New York City. I can’t say it felt like Brooklyn because I’ve never been, but the cozy atmosphere mixed with the buzz of Friday night and the smell of homemade Italian food felt like I was in the middle of a big city.

It’s a tiny place with indoor and outdoor seating. I wouldn’t recommend Bruno’s for a large group unless you find a way to reserve the restaurant for a special event. The largest table I saw was for 6 people. But for a special date night or catching up with a friend? It’s perfect. 

The service is great and we always felt like we were getting taken care of. Expect to spend a couple of hours here because the entire experience is meant to feel like a full Italian meal. 

I had the most fun watching the chef (Chef Cal, I believe) put together dishes. You can tell he’s passionate about all the food he creates, and it shows in the creativity of the dishes. Here, “made with love” is not just a saying, it’s a way of life.

What We Ordered at Bruno’s of Brooklyn

  • Bread & olive oil – this was placed on our table as soon as we sat down. I loved their olive oil and balsamic mixture and the toastiness of the bread was a great texture.

  • Caprese salad – I’m a huge fan of caprese anything, and this was something I just had to try. The ingredients were as fresh as can be and this dish was the perfect starter to our Bruno’s experience.

  • Chicken parmesan – this is one of Sean’s favorite dishes and Bruno’s was no exception. The penne pasta was perfectly cooked and the fried chicken cutlet was breaded to perfection.

  • Lasagna – this dish is one that would be great to share with another person because WOW. This dish is huge! The cheeses melt together to create a heavenly experience and this is the perfect comfort food for any Italian food lover. It also comes with 2 of their famous meatballs on the side. 

  • Tiramisu – to finish our Bruno’s of Brooklyn experience, we ordered the tiramisu. The coffee flavor was strong, but that’s how I like it. It was delectable and sweet, and the perfect end to our meal.

Bruno's of Brooklyn - Chicken Parm
Bruno's of Brooklyn - Lasagna
Bruno's of Brooklyn - Tiramisu

Overall, I’m sad it took me so long to get here, but I’m happy I can say I was finally able to try Bruno’s of Brooklyn – and I can’t wait to go back. 

Phone Number: (239) 278-0211

Address: 2112 Second St, Fort Myers, FL 33901

Website: https://www.brunosofbrooklyn.com/

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