September 12, 2021

Farmers Market: The Longest Operating Restaurant in Lee County

Farmers Market Restaurant is known as the longest operating restaurant in Lee County. Tucked close to Downtown Fort Myers and off the beaten path, you’ll find a local gem that’s been around for over 50 years offering the best of comfort food.

Cuisine:American, breakfast, lunch, dinner (Fridays & Saturdays only)

Great for: family gatherings, breakfast with a friend, couple’s day date

Farmers Market Painted Sign
Farmers Market Menu
Farmers Market Club Sandwich & Fries

The Farmers Market Restaurant is a local favorite for homemade breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s everything you’d find at a place like Cracker Barrel, only Farmers Market food is 1,000 times better.

It’s the oldest operating restaurant in Lee County, with roots dating back to 1952. I’d love to see what Fort Myers looked like back then! The area around the Farmers Market is mostly industrial, and I don’t believe there is another operating restaurant within close proximity. Either way, the locals know that it’s there and they’ve kept it running for over 50 years!

The inside of Farmer’s Market is quaint, with nods of shabby chic decor scattered about. One of the first things you see when you walk in is the dessert case. By the time you get there any time after 12 pm, it’s slim pickings! (Which goes to show just how good the dessert probably is.)

The staff is always super friendly and food usually comes out in record time. They have daily rotating specials, but you’d better get there pretty early because it’s homemade fresh every day – and once it’s gone, it’s gone!

Recently, we stopped in for some lunch. Here’s what we ordered.

Farmers Market Coleslaw
  • Club sandwich – if you’ve been on our website before, you’ll see quite a bit of club sandwiches. We try them everywhere we go. This club was definitely a good one and we’d order it again!

  • Grilled chicken sandwich & coleslaw – a grilled chicken sandwich is usually just blah. But this grilled chicken sandwich was amazing! I am not sure what they season their chicken with, but it made a usually boring sandwich a delight.

Farmers Market Grilled Chicken Sandwich

All in all, we will be going back to the Farmers Market Restaurant – hopefully we can make it back for breakfast!

Phone Number: (239) 334-1687

Address:2736 Edison Ave, Fort Myers, FL 33916


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