January 8, 2022

Cape Coral’s First Authentic Tiki Bar: The Jungle Bird

Jungle Bird Authentic Tiki is Cape Coral’s first authentic tiki bar. Here, you’ll find delicious tapas, amazing cocktails, and top-of-the-line service. 

Cuisine: Tapas, Asian 

Great for: happy hour, friend group, date night

Jungle Bird Tiki - Cocktail

Jungle Bird has been on our radar for a while. We’d seen a lot of their Instagram posts and had several friends tell us it was a must-try. It was so great that after our first time, we were back 2 weeks later.

Jungle Bird Tiki - Crab Wonton Dip

Jungle Bird Tiki is incredibly unique and I don’t think I’ve found a similar place with the same vibe. It’s very tropical but also hip (not that those things can’t go together!). When you first walk up, you’ll see a spacious outdoor bar with several bar seats and tables. They’ve had live music both times we were there.

At first, it looks a little smaller than you might expect. But as you walk around a little more, you’ll see this place is HUGE. The outdoor bar is just a small piece. There’s a really cool courtyard that connects to two indoor dining areas.

Our favorite experience so far has been in the courtyard area. It certainly feels like you’re in the jungle! The service has been great both times, and I always felt like we were taken care of.

We marked the cuisine type as “tapas” and “Asian,” but we’re honestly not sure how to best describe the cuisine. Let me just say this – make sure you are HUNGRY when you go. Don’t be deceived by the menu being made up mostly of tapas/small plates. They are generous portions and perfect for sharing.

What We Ordered at Jungle Bird Tiki

  • Cocktails – you can’t go to a tiki bar without ordering a cocktail! Pictured here are a couple of their signature cocktails that I believe they make with their house-made rum. Not being a rum drinker, the bartender was gracious enough to learn more about what I like and make me something off the menu!

  • Crab Wonton Dip – it’s half-price on Wednesdays, so we tried this! We’re not huge seafood lovers, but this dip was so savory and didn’t have a huge seafood flavor. But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t flavor – it was PACKED savory goodness.

  • Hawaiian Sliders – this was one of those items on the menu that we looked at before we even got there and just knew we had to try it. These sliders were insanely moist and the candied jalapeno pulled it all together.

  • Teriyaki Beef Tips – another menu item we had on our minds before we got to Jungle Bird. These beef tips were astonishingly full of flavor and the aioli made it 1000x better.

  • Gooey Butter Cake – to top everything off, we ordered their gooey butter cake. Sweet, hearty, and delicious. Definitely try this (and ask for ice cream!).

Jungle Bird Tiki - Cocktail
Jungle Bird Tiki - Beef Tips
Jungle Bird Tiki - Butter Cake

Jungle Bird Tiki is a place you’ll definitely want to bring your visiting friends and family to! It’s a fun vibe with amazing food, great staff, and exceptional cocktails. 

Phone Number: (239) 471-4111

Address: 520 Lafayette St, Cape Coral, FL 33904

Website: https://www.junglebirdtiki.com/menu

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