February 19, 2022

Big 10 Tavern: Local Hangout Serving Up Big Flavor

Big 10 Tavern is a sports bar in Cape Coral off Chiquita Parkway offering burgers, sliders, wings, and other traditional sports bar favorites – but with more than you’d expect! 

Cuisine: American

Great for: happy hour, dinner with friends

Big 10 Tavern - Mozzarella Planks

Kristen here! We’d never heard of Big 10 Tavern before, but one look at it from the outside and you’ll know it’s a place the locals know about!

We were on the hunt for a burger in Cape Coral a random Friday night and Big 10 Tavern popped up in our search. We’d never been before, so we figured we’d give it a try. Their Google listing boasts 4.5 stars – something you normally don’t find at a standard sports bar. 

First of all, we need to call out the service at this place. It is ASTOUNDING. We walked in and asked for a table outside. It couldn’t have been more than 5 minutes before we had at least 3 servers ask us if we were taken care of. This high level of service continued throughout the night and we have nothing but awesome things to say about the service at Big 10. Kudos to all the staff!

Big 10 Tavern is pretty big and they have ample outdoor seating. The inside looked like your standard sports bar – neon lights, big TVs, and some music. 

Big 10 Tavern Sports Bar Menu

In looking at the menu, you’ll see an abundance of regular sports bar offerings. But when you come to Big 10 Tavern, be prepared to be surprised. I stuck with pulled pork sliders, Sean got a burger, and we ordered the mozzarella planks appetizer. I expected everything to taste like normal bar food, but I was pleasantly surprised. (Don’t get me wrong – I love bar food and this is not at all a diss!)

What We Ordered at Big 10 Tavern in Cape Coral

Big 10 Tavern - Pulled Pork Sliders
  • Mozzarella planks – we have a running joke about mozzarella planks/sticks after we ordered some at a larger chain restaurant and they brought Heinz as the marinara sauce. So, every time we order mozzarella planks now, we compare it to that (mostly as an inside joke). These mozzarella planks were delicious. They were hot as can be and the sauce with them was great, too. Overall, these were probably some of the best mozzarella sticks we’ve ordered out.

  • Big 10 Burger – the whole mission and reason we found Big 10 was to find a burger for Sean and I will say Big 10 did not disappoint. This burger came with 2 patties. It’s hard to see them under the veggies, but I promise they are there! The buns were toasted perfectly, the burger was cooked well, and the veggies on top of it were fresh. We accomplished the burger mission!

  • Pulled Pork Sliders – I’m a big pulled pork sandwich person. And sliders are even better. These things were mouth wateringly delicious. They were also a little sweet and I couldn’t quite put my finger on the taste, but I am pretty sure they use cinnamon in their marinade or their sauce. 10/10 stars on these. I also ordered a side of coleslaw, which was a great compliment to the dish.

Big 10 Tavern - Big 10 Burger

Overall, Big 10 Tavern was the sports bar we never knew we needed – with food that takes bar food a step above. If you’re looking for a sports bar in Cape Coral, definitely give Big 10 a try. You won’t regret it.

Phone Number: (239) 257-1081

Address: 1723, 4703 SW 16th Pl, Cape Coral, FL 33914

Website: https://big10tavern.com/

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