October 24, 2021

Where to Find the Best Cuban Sandwich in Naples, FL

Fernandez the Bull is our favorite Cuban restaurant around and we drive all the way from South Fort Myers to Naples to get it! The food is always mouth wateringly delicious and be prepared to come with a hefty appetite or ask for a box to take some food home because the portions are generous!

Cuisine: Cuban

Great for: date night, happy hour, dinner with friends, lunch with coworkers

Fernandez The Bull - Sign

Fernandez the Bull began in Naples in 1985. On our recent trip, we read all about the family and how the restaurant got its start. It’s quite an amazing story and if you go, we highly recommend you read all about them.

Each time we’ve been, it’s been a great experience. The staff is always very friendly and they provide amazing service every time. We’ve been eating here for a few years now, and I can say I’ve never had a less than excellent experience.

Now, onto the food! You may be disappointed when reading this blog post because each time we go to Fernandez the Bull, we always get Cuban sandwiches. I hope to branch out and try some different food eventually, but the Cuban sandwiches are SO GOOD that it’s hard to pass it up!

Cuban Sandwiches at Fernandez the Bull

Here’s what we ordered on our latest trip:

Fernandez The Bull - Rice & Beans
  • Traditional Cuban sandwich – this is what I ordered. Again, it seems very boring, but it’s just SO good! The sandwich is always packed with meat and it’s so juicy and flavorful I almost forget where I am.

  • Fernandez Cuban sandwich – this version of the Cuban sandwich has been served at Fernandez the Bull since they started in 1985. Sean usually gets this one, and I think he’d share the same sentiment when talking about this sandwich. (We really, really like sandwiches.)

  • Rice & beans – PLEASE when you go, upgrade to get the rice & beans on the side. You will absolutely not regret it.

  • Cafe con Leche – I always need to try coffee when I go to a Cuban restaurant. This cup of coffee was one of the better ones I’ve had in a while and be careful if you order one to go – it’s a LARGE cup, so be ready to stay awake!

Fernandez The Bull - Cafe Con Leche
Fernandez The Bull - Traditional Cuban Sandwich

All in all, Fernandez the Bull may be a bit of a hike for us coming from Fort Myers, but it is so worth it. They have the best Cuban sandwiches in Southwest Florida and it’s worth every minute of the drive.

Phone Number: (239) 254-9855

Address: 1201 Piper Blvd #10, Naples, FL 34110

Website: https://fernandezthebull.com/

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