September 26, 2021

A Southern Gem On A Trucker’s Highway: The Alva Diner

Looking for homemade food with southern hospitality? You will find it at The Alva Diner.

Cuisine: American, Southern, feel good, comfort food

Great for: breakfast, lunch, dinner, family occasions, on the road grub

Alva Diner Sign
Alva Diner Tree
Alva Diner Club Sandwich

If you’re a local around town in Alva, Tice, Lehigh, Labelle, chances are you have eaten here or at least heard about this place. It has been around for as long as I can remember. It’s so old-school that they still only accept cash, so keep that in mind.

It’s on the side of State Road 80 on the outskirts of Lehigh Acres and Alva. There is plenty of parking around the entire area because it’s a truckers hotspot for when they are on the road.

The inside looks like something your grandparents from the south would decorate from antique finds and funny pictures on the walls, and the food tastes just like they would cook. Everything they make is from scratch and delicious. From biscuits and gravy to steak and seafood, this place does it all. They have a special of the day 7 days a week, but you need to get there before it runs out (which usually happens, it’s that good).

What We Ordered At Alva Diner

  • Ham Club – We were out for a birthday lunch with Kristen’s family that day and I decided on keeping lunch on the light side. Mistakes were made – this was a huge sandwich. I normally don’t like thicker cuts of meat on my sandwiches but it was so good I didn’t care.The ham was delicious,the bread was toasted just right and all the toppings were fresh as if they just pulled them from the ground.

  • Open faced pot roast sandwich – Also keeping up with the theme for lunch that day, Kristen ordered a sandwich as well. The moment it arrived at the table I instantly realized more mistakes were made and I was jealous of her lunch. Then I took a bite and regretted my life’s choices. It was amazing! The meat was tender and flavourful, the gravy and mashed potatoes were just right. I highly recommend ordering that; I know I will next time

  • Pulled pork sandwich – Kristen’s dad ordered the pulled pork sandwich and said “holy s**t” when it arrived. This thing was a massive amount of pork between two buns of awesome. It looked like the pork was marinating in homemade BBQ sauce all day and waiting for someone to order it. We love pulled pork that way. Her dad was very happy with his lunch that day and took the other half home for dinner.

  • Biscuits and Gravy – Kristen and I always debate who has the best biscuits and gravy. She says Crave (which is another post we’ll do later) and I say this place hands down. I haven’t found another place around that makes it as good as these guys. It’s what everyone talks about if you mention the Alva Diner. Who doesn’t love peppered sausage fat on bread?!

Alva Diner Open Faced Roast Beef Sandwich

If you’re ever on SR80 or looking for great southern cooking, The Alva Diner is definitely for you. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner – they’ve got you covered.

Phone Number: (239) 728-3366

Address: 21220 Palm Beach Blvd #3841, Alva, FL 33920


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