March 5, 2022

All Day Breakfast in Alva: Leo’s French Toast House

Leo’s French Toast House is a hidden gem in alva serving up breakfast, lunch , and dinner in any order you would like to eat it. 

Cuisine: American

Great for: breakfast, lunch, dinner with family and friends

Leo's French Toast House - Omelet with toast and potatoes

Sean here! Happy to announce that we finally made it to this place Kristen and I have been wanting to try for a while now. I heard about it months ago from some coworkers and when they told me it serves breakfast all day I couldn’t resist. I’m a sucker for breakfast for dinner. I might even do that tonight after writing this…

On our way to the entrance, we were greeted by 2 of Leo’s faithful companions (stray cats) and Kristen instantly fell in love with the place. I fell in love with the food. 

When we finally made our way into the restaurant, we were greeted by people this time and were asked to take a seat wherever you could find one. This place was packed with locals and families. The decor on the walls and tables was everything you would expect from a small local place like this, it felt like your grandma’s house without the live laugh love sign.

Leo’s French Toast House Menu

Yep! You guessed it: they had French toast. They also had about everything else you could almost hope for in a local restaurant that covers breakfast through dinner. Bacon and eggs all the way to steak and seafood. I ordered the ham and cheese omelet with rye toast (my favorite) and Kristen got the French toast platter.

Leo's French Toast House - Pancakes and eggs
  • French toast platter – The pictures in this blog do not do this toast justice. It was sinfully awesome, every bite getting better then the next. I never had French toast that tasted like a dessert. If this was the only thing this place served on their menu the restaurant would still survive. Lucky enough for us they like to make other things as well. The eggs, bacon and sausage were perfectly cooked. They definitely have some awesome cooks in that kitchen.

  • Ham and cheese omelet – I have had my fair share of omelets over the years but this one stood out for me. It was rolled perfectly and packed with more ham than I knew what to do with, Kudos to the chef. The hash browns were cooked to golden perfection and smothered in butter and Old Bay (I think); either way, it was delicious.

  • Pancakes and eggs – Kristen went back a few weeks after we posted this blog and got 2 pancakes with 2 over-medium eggs. She said they were delicious and probably some of the best she has ever had, and that girl doesn’t mess around when it comes to pancakes.

Leo's French Toast House - French Toast, bacon, sausage, and eggs

Well folks, if you’re in the neighborhood or don’t mind going out of the way to find some good old fashioned home cooked food, This is the place to find it. I’m glad we did. I can’t wait to get back there for more (and probably get shaken down by the cats).

Phone: (239) 728-3520

Address: 19581 Palm Beach Blvd, Alva, FL 33920

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