August 15, 2021

The Best of All Worlds at 10 Twenty Five in Downtown Fort Myers

10 Twenty Five is a locally owned bar and restaurant with 2 locations: Downtown Fort Myers and Cape Coral. 10 Twenty Five features local brews, comfort food to the max, and a fun atmosphere.

Cuisine: American, pub fare, brunch

Great for: Date night, couples, night out with friends, brunch with friends, happy hour

10 Twenty Five PB&J chicken wings

10 Twenty Five is one of my favorite spots in Downtown Fort Myers. I can’t speak to the Cape Coral location because I’ve never been, so this post is all about the Downtown Fort Myers one.

About 10 Twenty-Five

In relation to most of the restaurants in Downtown Fort Myers, 10 Twenty Five is rather new. The building where it’s located used to be another favorite bar of mine, and I always found the spot to be a unique place to hang out in Downtown Fort Myers, so we’ll start there!

10 Twenty Five has a prime location right in the square behind DHOP (Downtown House of Pizza), Cabo’s, and Indigo Room/Taco-Rama. It’s 2 stories and the top part is my absolute favorite. There’s an outdoor patio where you can overlook Patio De Leon and soak up some sunshine (or people watch, if that’s your thing).

The place is deceptively large, especially once you make your way up the stairs. The building and surrounding buildings are beautiful and if you are able to make it to 10 Twenty Five on a breezy weekend day with highs in the 80s, definitely get there!

But anyway, on to the food!

Food at 10 Twenty Five

I first visited 10 Twenty Five back in 2018 (ish) when they first opened. They had an endless brunch and being an endless brunch connoisseur, I had to try the food. I am not sure if the menu has changed since then, but at the time, they had traditional brunch/breakfast foods as well as some really funky ones. The mimosas were also delicious. At the time, you were able to get different flavored ones.

Fast forward to 2021, and they’ve expanded their menu quite a bit! It’s one of my favorite spots for small bites and I hope to try their dinner sometime soon. Here’s what I’ve ordered so far!

10 Twenty Five pretzels and cheese
  • PB&J chicken wings – I tried these once in Savannah and fell in love. 10 Twenty Five is the first place locally I’ve found that has them. If you like sweet chicken wings or BBQ sauce, you’ll love these.

  • Macaroni & cheese balls – need I say more?

  • Smoked brisket flatbread – this stuff was absolutely incredible.

  • Pretzels & cheese – this is a favorite appetizer of ours. The cheese was so creamy and delicious and the pretzels were salted to perfection.

10 Twenty Five brisket flatbread

I’ve also ordered a few of their cocktails, and they’ve been amazing every time. All in all, if you’re looking for a fun hangout spot in Downtown Fort Myers with great cocktails and killer food, 10 Twenty Five is a must.

Phone Number: (239) 208-6903

Address: 33 Patio De Leon, Fort Myers, FL 33901


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